Digital Democracy and Student Politics: Interpretation from Assam University Student’s Council Elections


  • Raghavendra Mishra Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication, Assam University, Silchar, India.


Digital democracy can be defined as the practice of democracy by using social media in online and off line political communications. Online and offline modes are important because both are extensively used for political mobilization, campaign and communication. Internet enabled platforms such as social networking sites and mobile communication have been emerged as one of the frequently used tools for political activities. Digital democracy has a great role in the improvement of political information retrieval, and exchange between government bodies and individuals, initiating public debate, community formation, motivating people for participation and political decision-making. Student unions are considered as the nursery of the politics. Same political and election methods are used for campaigning and elections of student bodies and to make voters aware of the issues, candidates, and their promises by exploring all means of communications. Since youth are equipped and frequent users of digital media so analyzing their exposure to social media, use of social media for informing and influencing voters can be very useful to understand the increasing importance of such media in democratic practices. Present paper is an attempt to explain the patterns of digital media uses in student politics and their role in influencing and mobilizing voters. With the help of interaction with student participants in Assam University Student’s Council Election-2014 paper has tried to highlight the issues, efforts and effectiveness of digital media in student politics.


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