Application and Challenges of Convergent Media in Promoting Tribal Culture


  • Harish Kumar Associate Professor, School of Media & Communication Studies, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India.
  • Dev Brat Tiwari Assistant Professor, School of Media & Communication Studies, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, india.


Digital media, convergent media, tribal culture, Marginalized section, Convergence of culture


Media is a career, tool and weapon of modernity. There was always a war, propaganda and negative use of media but at the same time media also became a tool of change, development and modernity. We should not forget that the tribal are the main group of any country there are approximately 8.6% people who are around 104 million people of India come under the category of tribal. Tribal people are having their own culture, custom, rituals and their innocence that is why when we are talking about modernization and information age we should not forget that the Tribals are the real person or domicile of any nation who are now connecting themselves with rest of the world. But we should not forget in this information age the tribals have still protected their culture, society and the area where they are living, it is because of their strong determination and cultural preservation. On the other hand there are a lot of misconceptions among the other community about the life, rituals and culture of the tribals. As media is converging in different devices and it is breaching the gap between tribals and other class of the society it is need of the hour to use convergent media in such a way that tribal class people can also promote their individual culture. But there is a danger that whether information exchange or overload of information can mould tribal class people into different direction or make them addicted. Therefore through this paper l it has been tried to identify different application of convergent media in relation with promoting tribal culture in the country


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