Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth:` Present Scenario


  • Kamlesh Kumar Shukla Assistant Professor, Kalicharan Post Graduate College, Chowk, Lucknow, India.
  • Stuti Tripathi Associate Professor, Goyal Institute of Higher Studies, Faizabad Road, Lucknow, India.


Foreign Direct Investment, Balance of Payment, Economic Growth, Internal Personal Disparity, infrastructure, International trade


Worldwide Economic assimilation plays a dynamic role in economic and commercial development of any nation. Foreign direct investment is one and only main device of appealing international economic assimilation in any economy. It assists as a relationship between investment and saving. Many developing nations like India, are facing the scarcity of savings. This difficulty can be resolved with the help of foreign direct investment. Foreign investment supports in dropping the deficit of BOP. The flow of foreign investment is a profit making industry like insurance, real estate and business services and serving as a catalyst for the growth of economy in India. The existing study is centered on the objectives like (i) to recognize the requirement of amount of foreign direct investment by India, for its economic and financial Development and (ii) to examine the movement and importance of FDI & FIIs in refining the superiority and accessibility of possessions has been beyond doubt. To examine all these goals data has been collected through various sources like informations and journal of Govt. and RBI recitation to foreign direct Investment. After evaluating all the evidences it may be established that determined worldwide foreign investment’s movements are fascinated by the advanced nations relatively than developing and under developing nations.


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