Globalization: challenges and opportunities (Indian Prospective)


  • Davinder Kaur Sohi Assistant Professor, Faculty of Finance, Symbiosis Center for Management Studies- Noida, India.
  • Ruchita Kaushik Symbiosis Center for Management Studies- Noida, India.
  • Isha Sharma Symbiosis Center for Management Studies- Noida, India.


Globalization, global capital


Globalization and its benefits required a conducive environment to ensure higher returns and larger markets for foreign investors. To get a share of global capital, technology and output, developing countries had to upgrade their social and economic institutions through administrative, legislative and legal reforms. Globalization merely provides opportunities to flourish. Globalization is not a tool to produce equality of outcome but it produces equality of opportunity for those with right mindset. Therefore developing countries require focusing on economic restructuring, developing market-supporting institutions and creating efficient regulatory mechanisms. The study is an attempt to review challenges of globalization in developing countries with a special reference to India.


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